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Triton Global Services


Serving California since 2012

About Triton Global Services

Triton Global Services is a leader in integrated security solutions, delivering comprehensive security for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. With an unwavering commitment to protecting our clients' assets, Triton Global Services combines advanced technologies with a highly trained team to ensure the highest standards of security and peace of mind. Triton Global Services offers traditional security guard services, low voltage video surveillance solutions, as well as cutting edge technologies that integrate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities via the Remote Guarding Division. 

serving california


“After working with multiple security companies over the past 20 years in doing business I will say it has been an absolute pleasure working with Triton during the last 4. They are VERY responsive and reactive to my demanding needs. Unlike previous experiences, I can tell that Triton will be around as long as I have a need for Security.”


“Dealing with Triton during this surveillance install was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had in dealing with a contractor! I started with 10 cameras in one location and I was so happy with the quality of work I expanded to nearly 100 cameras over multiple locations.”

-Jeremy Henry, Operations Manager

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