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Real-Time Reporting with SilverTrac

Our customers can be sure that Triton guards are on-site, on-time, and fulfilling tasks through our accessible online reporting. Customers can check daily activity reports and get them automatically emailed hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

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Security Guards in California

Triton provides top-notch, licensed and insured security guard services throughout California, with corporate branches in Ontario, Hayward, and Elk Grove. These strategic locations enable Triton to deliver prompt and efficient security solutions across the state.

Partnering with Triton offers several benefits. Their security guards are highly trained and experienced, ensuring robust protection and quick response to any incidents. Triton's guards are known for their professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service, creating a safe and secure environment for clients.

Additionally, Triton's commitment to high-level incident reporting and industry proficiency ensures thorough documentation and adherence to security protocols. Their services are customizable, catering to the unique needs of various businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations. With a strong focus on duty, policy enforcement, and trustworthiness, Triton stands as a dependable security partner.

Choosing Triton means investing in a security service that combines expertise, advanced training, and a customer-centric approach, providing peace of mind and comprehensive protection across California.

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Why Triton?

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Trusted Service
We provide highly trained, unarmed security guard services locally and throughout Northern and Southern California. Through our evidence-based Quality Management System, we are confident that Triton Global Services can provide the highest quality security guards in California.

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Higher Standards
With consistent guard success in full size grocery stores such as Safeway, and administrative success with clients like Mission Foods, Fast Lane Transportation and more, our guards show flexibility and resourcefulness beyond the expectations of normal stand-in security guards. 


Local to Your Business
With branch offices in Ontario, Hayward, and Elk Grove, Triton is positioned to provide services to your California business, wherever you may be located. We service security guards throughout the entire state.


Experienced Personnel

Our team consists of skilled and seasoned professionals, each specializing in distinct areas of expertise. This expertise is cultivated through a technical development program that extends beyond industry standards.

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