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Access Control Installer

Access Control Installer in Southern California

Welcome to Triton Global Services, your premier provider of commercial-grade access control systems in Southern California. With years of experience and a dedicated team of licensed professionals in the Low Voltage industry, we are committed to delivering top-tier security solutions tailored to your business needs and being a leading access control installer.

Why Choose Triton Global Services?

Expertise in Low Voltage Systems

At Triton Global Services, our team comprises highly skilled and licensed technicians specializing in Low Voltage systems. Our extensive experience ensures that we can handle all aspects of access control system installation and maintenance with precision and efficiency.

Partnership with Brivo

We are proud to partner with Brivo, a leader in cloud-based access control solutions. This partnership allows us to offer state-of-the-art, reliable, and scalable security systems that provide peace of mind and unparalleled control over your business premises.

Benefits of Our Access Control Systems

  1. Enhanced Security: Protect your business from unauthorized access with our advanced access control systems. Our solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas, significantly enhancing your overall security.

  2. Scalability: Whether you run a small office or a large enterprise, our access control systems can be scaled to meet your specific requirements. The flexibility of Brivo’s cloud-based solutions means you can easily add or remove access points as your business grows.

  3. Remote Management: With Brivo’s innovative technology, you can manage access to your premises remotely. Monitor entry points, control user permissions, and receive real-time alerts from anywhere, ensuring you stay connected to your business at all times.

  4. Integration Capabilities: Our systems can seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure, including CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and other building management systems, providing a comprehensive security solution.

Our Services

Custom Design and Installation

Our expert team will work with you to design a custom access control system tailored to your specific needs. We handle everything from initial consultation and site assessment to installation and configuration, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your access control systems running smoothly. Our responsive support team is always ready to assist you with any issues or upgrades, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

Compliance and Certification

Triton Global Services is fully licensed and compliant with industry standards, guaranteeing that your access control system meets all regulatory requirements. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that your business is protected to the highest standards.

Serving Southern California

Triton Global Services proudly serves businesses across Southern California, providing top-notch access control solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our local expertise and understanding of the region’s unique security challenges enable us to deliver solutions that are both effective and reliable.

Get Started with Triton Global Services Today

If you're looking for professional, commercial-grade security system installations in Southern California, look no further than Triton Global Services. With their expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Triton is the ideal choice for all your security needs.

Contact Triton Global Services today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a safer, more secure business environment.


Now offering
Brivo access control systems!

brivo keypads

Contact us to schedule a free demo or site-assessment to see how Triton can make Brivo access control work for you!

brivo access control

Secure your Business with Access Control


  • Keypad or Cell phone system access

  • Warranties Available 

  • Professional Installation

Why Triton?

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Trusted Service
We provide highly trained, unarmed security guard services locally and throughout Northern and Southern California. Through our evidence-based Quality Management System, we are confident that Triton Global Services can provide the highest quality security guards in California.


Higher Standards
With consistent guard success in full size grocery stores such as Safeway, and administrative success with clients like Mission Foods, Fast Lane Transportation and more, our guards show flexibility and resourcefulness beyond the expectations of normal stand-in security guards. 


Local to Your Business
With branch offices in Ontario, Hayward, and Elk Grove, Triton is positioned to provide services to your California business, wherever you may be located. We service security guards throughout the entire state.


Experienced Personnel

Our team consists of skilled and seasoned professionals, each specializing in distinct areas of expertise. This expertise is cultivated through a technical development program that extends beyond industry standards.

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